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Love that you are greenlighting yourself to ramble, and are courageously, generously willing to share it unpurposefully with us! Your beautiful mind and heart are welcome in my inbox anytime. Your musings here feel very Buddhist and ring very "true" to me.

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"If you are seeking truth, the more you seek the less you find. Or, perhaps more precisely, you can find it but cannot know it."

As a girl I decided if 'God is Truth' as some dry, authoritarian biscuit claimed in a pulpit then I'd follow truth to see if he/it really existed. Being true/good feels worthless when everyone speaks lies so naturally, the biscuit didn't believe his own words so the church was abandoned.

I demanded scientific, first-hand proof, or God never happened. I also promised to be true and good no matter what junk came- and by Jove junk came but I barely flinched. Lost everything. Gave everything away. So- now give me the Truth in my 30's! Still no.

Still stayed good even doing 'bad'.

Then I read the Hermetic Tradition in 2020 and sought someone to explain the Red Work because the first two operations already happened (internally- it's all internal) as far as I could tell. I found someone who I figured might know in late 2021 and by 2022 found It.

There is one way one can absolutely know Truth, and that is by setting off the Kundalini in a prepared body and mind.

Sounds to me like you're heading in that direction for what it's worth, because the first directive is to 'Know thyself.' It's a cliché these days but it is still imperative, and writing is a form of meditation for some people; meditation is the only path to Knowledge of Truth.

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